Under the Guidance of Father Daoud Lamei, Cairo, Egypt.

Throughout the history & the strategic partnership we have with Fr. Daoud Lamei, LFO drafted it’s vision, mission & enhanced it’s methodologies, programs & approaches to tackle the needs of different underprivileged across Egypt, Africa & Asia. 

When we started back in 2007, our first concern was orphans but throughout the years & based on our successful field experience & local partnerships we expanded our reach to different demographics that now include children, youth, adults and the elderly. Providing healthcare, education, job placement and many other services to empower the most vulnerable people.

Our Methodology


— Detect

With no shortage of problems in the undeveloped areas of Egypt & Sub-Saharan Africa. We strive to prioritize the core problems that if well addressed will have the most positive impact to the whole local community. 


— Develop

Programs that are sustainable and offer solutions that can be delivered on a large scale. With an eye on developing the people who will carry or the program.


— Partner

We partner with subject matter experts to develop high impact programs that tackle down & solve the core detected problems.


— Train

Armed with the right program we train local talent & empower them to take matters into their own hand to implement our programs in their local communities.


— Sustain

Long term sustainable solutions have always been our goal. Each program developed & delivered is designed with the necessary elements that guarantees such sustainability.


— Consult

Giving the complicated nature of problems we tackle. We dedicate special advisory board for each project to consult the local teams that carry on the program independently.


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