Anba Abraam Services

We care about each person as a whole

Our Vision

Every Christian is a spiritual servant, capable of developing themselves and their community.

Our Mission

We, servants of Anba Abraam, participate in developing the mindset of the members of the Coptic Orthodox Church, to achieve their mission to save themselves and the world, through preparing local development servants in the dioceses and empowering them to design, execute and monitor updated integrated programs of development to support the local churches on their mission to serve their people and the community.

Our 24 services

Educational Services

The program aims to teach adults reading and writing, and developing them in various fields.

A distinguished child (from 40 days to 9 years old), capable of developing himself, his family and his community.

Raising an educated and distinguished generation that is committed to the Church, well-behaved, disciplined and enjoying good health.

A smart child, enjoying exceptional mental skills that make him competent among peers.

A successful generation of youth, who are aware of their self-image and will be Jesus’ ambassadors in the future.

A better life for graduates of technical diplomas through professional training and spiritual development.

Aims to define success in life, with a specific focus on success in the field of church service through lectures, gamification, workshops and discussions.

Every Christian would find a role and serve in one of the fields of the church service

A Christian family, whose members have balanced personalities, enjoy healthy relations, and are able to provide a healthy Christian and psychological upbringing for their children.

A servant capable of confronting the current faith challenges, which face the different segments of the Church congregation.

Aim to help youth learn a profession with a Christian mission, and serve patients with honesty and integrity.

Training sessions for mothers-to-be or young mothers to develop them spiritually, by training them for modern scientific parenting skills, based on Church, Biblical and Orthodox basics.

Aiming to create a generation of fathers full of spirit, psychologically mature, socially successful, capable of leading their family and raising their children with their wives.

Exploring women’s sexual health through an Orthodox Christian lens.

Helping children from 5 – 12 years old learn English starting with the basics.
Each lesson includes a video explaining the new lesson and revising on the last one.

Development Services

Every Christian family is able to meet their financial requirements without the need of external aid.

Aims to motivate men to raise a successful Christian family with a strong bond with the church.

Every doctor serves and every patient gets served.

A patriotic Christian citizen knows his rights and duties.

A new generation of girls whose spiritual, cultural, educational, behavioral, health, mental and artistic needs are fulfilled in order to change themselves and their communities.

Teaching christian children the principles of Christianity, the Bible, and the doctrine in an interesting and new way through young servants.

A professional recruitment service in all parishes and a job opportunity for each and every served person that suits their abilities.

The service aims to help youth working and improving their economic statuses and competence via learning a profession or developing a skill.

A modern generation of children whose spiritual, behavioral, intellectual, psychological, and physical needs are well satisfied to be able to change themselves and their community as well as build new futures.

The Target Segment

We aim to develop men, women, youth, children and the whole family.

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