Not just for orphans

These are the heroes with the passion to transform their communities


Egypt | Cairo

— The little flock Foundation

An Egyptian nonprofit organization that aims at developing and providing opportunities for marginalized & underprivileged children and youth. It was founded in Egypt, in April 2009 under the Ministry of Social Solidarity, registration number 7612/2009, Cairo.

The Little Flock aims to tap into rural and marginalized areas in Egypt, where children and youth that were hindered from achieving their full potential, either due to financial issues or disability by giving opportunities to help them discover their capabilities and to empower them.

Egypt | Cairo

— St Mark Retreat

A dedicated re-creation home targeting the under-served children of Upper Egypt were they get a chance to enjoy & restore their missed childhood. 

The Kids are served through dedicated a well trained team of volunteers that work hard to devise adequate recreation 3 day program to enhance the kids self-stem through a well though out 3 day programs while training local volunteers how to carry on the work back home.

The Project also help with Girls how dropped out of formal education to put them back on track, thought boasting their literature skills in a 7 day dedicated program.  


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