Eliminating school dropouts among children aged 6-12 years via a student-centered tutoring that seeks to improve their academic performance in addition to improving their team work, creativity and other life skills.

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COACHING focuses on reading and writing skills; helps with school studies using student-centered teaching methods; and seeks to develop artistic, group work and other life skills. 

The program takes a holistic approach and combines literacy with a myriad set of skills encompassing issues of personal hygiene, self-esteem, nutrition


Providing the child with valuable real life lessons about ethics, life, Manners & behaviour.


Caring for the child literacy teaching them reading & writing skills & basic math skills.


We Provide basic nutrition, hygiene, Good manners trainings.


Enabling the children to discover their unique talents e.g.: Drawing, Coloring, Handcrafts etc.. providing them with the support they need even after the training ends.