The Little Flock Foundation for Development

Better Life for the children and youth of Egypt.

“The Little Flock Foundation for Development ” is an Egyptian nonprofit organization that was founded in April 2009 under the ministry of social solidarity registration No 7612/2009.


Towards developing the full potential of the marginalized to become empowered and effective members in their families and society.


To achieve sustainable development for marginalized children and youth by implementing community capacity building projects in underprivileged areas in Egypt.


We believe that no one should be left behind. Hence, we carry the responsibility of integrating all marginalized segments of our society in order to be empowered to cope with our modern day. Therefore, our core values are summarized as: Integrity, Inclusion, Sustainability and Empowerment.


Have you ever observed a flock of birds? Did you wonder why they choose to fly in groups, with perfect synergy and harmony? Flying as a flock gives birds strength and protection, as well as increases the individual member of the flock’s chance of survival. This is exactly how The “Little Flock” views a community: a flock of birds flying together as one, empowering one another. We love our community and strive for its development; therefore, we adapt our development strategies according to each community’s culture and needs. We believe that in order for the flock to be strong, the individuals within these marginalized communities should be empowered to grow. To do so, we chose to start with the key to any society’s future: its children and youth…The Little Flock.

The Foundation goals are aligned with the UN SDGs:

KD’s Programs

Life Together program:

The Life Together focuses on the rehabilitation of mentally disabled persons and their families, and is in one of the most underprivileged villages of Minya Governorate in Upper Egypt, Deir El Barsha, Malawi.

Life Together strives to enable persons with mental disabilities, from birth to 25 years of age, to become self-dependent and live with dignity as productive, integrated members of the society by providing advanced rehabilitation programs. Life Together also supports the families by developing their skills to claim their children’s rights.

Brighter Future program:

The Brighter Future offers preparatory school graduates coming from financially poor families, mostly from Upper Egypt, the opportunity to join top Institutes situated in Cairo (The Salesian Don Bosco, The Ghabbour Applied Technology School. … etc.) which provide quality technical education (3 – 5 years). Brighter Future also offers vocational training (1 – 3 months) for young people (18 to 35 years).

Upon graduation, they become skillful workers to meet the labour market’s competitive demands and can choose an entrepreunial track by embarking on their own startup business.

Brighter Future not only covers students’ tuition fees, transportation, and living expenses, but also provides healthcare, individual working space, computer labs, as well as community capacity building and social development sessions.

Little Seeds program:

The Little Seeds operates pre-school nurseries in 3 of the most underprivileged areas in greater Cairo: El Marg, El Nahda, and Akrasha; where parents pay a nominal fee.

Little Seeds main objective is to up- bring a learner, thinker, and a creative child in these deprived areas, by providing children under 6 years of age with early childcare and development programs so that they receive the basic necessary educational services.

Little Seeds also focuses on periodical medical checkups, vaccination and provides balanced healthy meals.

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