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Who we are

 At the heart of our world, where potential knows no bounds and opportunities should be as vast as the sky, stands LFO, our non-profit organization, dedicated to nurturing the seeds of tomorrow – our children and youth with their whole environement and aspects of lives.

Spreading light,unfolding
futures together to everyone

Developing holistic programs to foster self-sustaining communities across all age groups and aspects of life.

What we do

In the face of numerous challenges in the underdeveloped regions of Egypt and Africa, we are dedicated to prioritizing key issues. By addressing these core problems effectively, we aim to have the most positive impact on the entire local communities.

People and Programs – the vital synergy between effective solution programs and individuals who will implement such programs within the community

We partner with subject matter experts to develop sustainable programs that effectively address and solve the core issues we identify.

Equipped with the right program, we provide training to local talents and empower them to take initiative in implementing solutions within their own communities.

Our primary has always been to achieve long-term sustainability. Each program we develop and deliver is meticulously designed with the necessary elements to ensure such sustainability.

Due to the complexity of the problems we tackle, we established a dedicated advisory board for each project to provide guidance and support to the local teams responsible for independently implementing the program.

Our Main Causes

(Acoording to UNICEF reports)

Lack of Education in Egypt

Nearly 14 million children in Egypt lack access to education because of poverty and insufficient basic resources.

Living in Poverty

Over 40 million children residing in poverty-stricken African and Asian nations encounter similar challenges.

Our Story

Today , we’ve launched approximately
26 programs that address every facet of life. From toddlers to adults, our meticulously crafted programs aim to foster good health, well-being, and education at every stage of life. As for our girls, they receive more than just education; we prioritize empowering them in every conceivable manner. This is because they deserve greater inclusion in Egyptian society and opportunities to thrive.

CEO Message

We all have dreams to pursue in life! Our dream was to establish an organization to assist kids and orphans, eliminating their poverty through education. We recognized that dreams will remain dreams unless we take steps to make them real. In September 2007, our dream became a reality when Light for Orphans was established.
Our primary objective is to provide support, education, and alleviate the sufferings of children, ensuring they experience the joy any child experiences. Many children's daily lives were marked by poverty, with limited activities beyond roaming the streets, consuming inadequate food, missing out on education, and enduring suffering. Recognizing education as a key cornerstone, we began our efforts by providing educational opportunities. These not only empowered them with knowledge but also brought happiness and drew a big smile on kids’ faces! We initiated our educational programs in Upper Egypt and gradually expanded to neighboring villages. Our educational initiatives spread quickly, prompting widespread interest, with services extending beyond Upper Egypt.
Aside from education, we prioritized hygiene, recognizing its significance on kids’ day-to-day health. We provided supplies and educated children on the best personal hygiene practices, contributing to their well-being.
Our efforts extended beyond targeting children to targeting their families. We educated parents, recognizing that their literacy would benefit their children's future. Rather than simply providing monetary assistance, we empowered them with projects, instilling a sense of responsibility and discouraging reliance on begging. Through this approach, they gained self-worth, dignity, and began initiating their own projects under our guidance and support.
As our initiatives gained traction in Upper Egypt and Cairo, we recognized the need to extend our reach to Africa and Asia, where children faced similar challenges. Our services expanded across various states in Africa and Asia, marking a significant growth in our mission. We actively encourage youth from the U.S., Canada, and Australia to volunteer during their summer breaks. Initially hesitant due to language barriers, they soon found inspiration and empowerment through service. Despite linguistic differences, they seamlessly collaborate, enriching the volunteer experience for everyone. Volunteering has proven transformative, as evidenced by the significant improvements in education and livelihoods.
With pride, we announce our presence in nearly 600 villages with 26 active programs.
Our outreach efforts continue to expand, necessitating ongoing support and volunteer engagement. As we continue to expand, we appeal for volunteers and support in every capacity. Whether in Egypt, Africa, or Asia, your involvement is crucial to our mission's success. Together, we strive to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need.
Light for Orphans embarked on a journey to transform dreams into reality.
From education to hygiene and community empowerment in Upper Egypt, our mission has now extended to other countries in Africa and Asia aiming to illuminate the lives of children and families, one step at a time. Our story is a real one that started with a small dream. With your support and dedication, we can continue to empower communities and create a lasting change.
Join us to expand our dream across the globe and make a real change in the lives of children and their families. Together, dreams come true, and change is always possible!

Nancy Ashamalla
CEO and Founder

ransforming one’s dream into reality holds invaluable impact

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